Thinking About To Install A Biometric Lock. Here Are Some Pros & Cons Biometric or fingerprint locks are ideal solutions for protecting your belongings and other expensive things from intruders and burglars. These locks do not require keys to unlock the door. Your face or fingerprints will be scanned to unlock a specific door. Fingerprint or biometric locks provide the needed protection to homeowners and their family members. A few years ago, these locks were the most expensive and luxury devices. But nowadays, they are much more common.

These locks come with a number of advantages over the other types of door locks. If you are planning to replace the current lock of your door, make sure you have done research regarding the lock in order to prevent any regret in the future. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of biometric locks. Have a look at them before making your decision.


1. Keyless door locks: This is the foremost advantage of biometric lock. If you have a habit of forgetting your keys in the office or where you were going with your friends, now you don’t need to think about it anymore. After installing this lock, a big responsibility will be removed from your shoulder.

2. Difficult to override: Just like other door locks, fingerprint keypad locks are very difficult to override by any person. Traditional locks are very easy to open, especially for intruders and burglars. This is the best security system in area that are not prone to robberies.

3. Cost effective and user friendly: Although these locks are quite expensive, but in the long run, these are very cost effective. As above mentioned, a fingerprint lock does not easily break down.


1. Power failure: Biometric scan door locks need electricity to run. The situation of power failure could hinder it totally useless. To operate it in the absence of electricity, you need to install a UPS (uninterpretable power supply).

2. Replacement will be a pain: For traditional locks or password electronic locks, it is easy to replace them if someone manages to hack into the house. But if you have a biometric or fingerprint lock, there is no replacement instead of replacement of your own fingerprints.

3. Enroll everyone: Just like traditional locks, you need to give keys to your trusted friends, neighbors and family members to enter your home. If you install a fingerprint lock, you need to authorize everyone’s fingerprints into the system.

Fingerprint or biometric locks are very secure, awesome and affordable. By installing these locks, you don’t need to carry a set of keys or remember a password. Every product has its advantages and disadvantages. These are given a few pros and cons of biometric locks. If you want to know more about it, feel free to call us at St. Albert 24/7 Locksmith.

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