Pros & Cons Of Installing Digital Locks

How would it feel when you put your hand inside the pocket to open the door lock and realize that you have forgotten to carry the keys? It may be the most annoying and frustrating moment, especially if you are not having access to the spare key. The only option you are left with is calling an emergency locksmith for lock bumping service.

To avoid this scenario in the future, opt for installing digital or biometric locks that doesn’t need a key to operate. These keyless locks are enriched with modern security features that not only guarantee security but comfort too. Before choosing to install a digital lock, you should be aware of their advantages and disadvantages to take an ideal decision.

Pros of digital locks:

  1. Enhance security: According to survey, more than 60% of burglaries happen during the day time and are generally the result of carelessness of a homeowner. What people do is, they hide a spare key under the door mat or in the flower pots that are easily accessed by intruders to attempt a robbery inside your property. With the oncoming of electronic locks, this percentage has dropped down a lot. Choose high level security system to enhance security and safety of a home.
  2. Offers Convenience: Convenience is the biggest factor that makes digital locks the popular choice among homeowners. With these locking systems, one need not have to worry about lost or misplaced keys as they are not at all used. All you have to do is, press the access code against the lock keypad and the door will open up.

Cons of digital locks:

  1. Expensive: If you are having a small budget, then digital or keyless locks are not for you. These are little expensive security systems that need an investment of many bucks for installation.
  2. Power failure: Most of the digital or electron locks are powered by electricity and cannot operate in absence of power failure. This means you’ll remain locked out of your home or office, until the power backs up. If you are looking to buy a modern lock, consider choosing one that operates on battery power.

These are some of the pros and cons of digital locks that can help you in taking a wise decision about their installation. If you are looking to replace your existing locks with the digital ones, consider hiring our residential locksmiths for service.

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