stalbert247locksmithSo, you lost your house keys or forgot your keys in your office? Don’t panic, just take a breath and relax. There are many ways to unlock your main door without keys. In locked out situation, a spare key is a feeling that you cannot express. But if you have a digital lock or biometric lock, what to do if you forget your pin code. In such situation, a professional locksmith is one and only option in front of you to get entry into your house.

1. Look for unlocked windows: Obviously, you would never leave your house windows open or unlocked. But sometimes by mistake you did. An unlocked window is one of the greatest ways to get an entry into your house. Just remove the screen and lift up the window. When you enter your house through a window, you need to be an extra careful. If you lost your balance, you may get a serious injury. If you have furniture near to your window, be aware.

2. Use your credit card: If you have a spring bolt lock and lost your keys, you don’t need to take tension. Because you can open the door with your credit card without the help of another person. Remember, the card will not work on the dead bolt lock. Place the card between the door and the frame. Hold the card and start pushing the card. When you push the card, try pushing your weight against the door to open it.

3. Through the garage: Many homeowners also use their garage door as the main entry point. Getting entry through a garage is one of the safest way to enter your house. If you don’t have a garage door opener remote, you can open your garage with a wire hanger. Bend the hanger into a long rod, but make sure keep the hooked end. Insert this long rod through the door of your garage. After inserting it, you will reach the latch. Now you can open the door easily.

4. Call a locksmith: If you are not able to unlock your house, in such situation only a professional locksmith can help you to get into your house. Pick your mobile phone and make a call to your locksmith. If you don’t have a number of reliable locksmith, you can search on the internet. Before making a call to professional, make sure you are calling a trustworthy locksmith service provider.

So, now don’t feel sad with these tips, if you ever locked out of your house. Follow given these tips to unlock your house in the absence of a professional locksmith. If you have an emergency locksmith situation, you can contact to St. Albert 24/7 Locksmith in St. Albert.

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