What To Do If You Lose Your House Keys? Do you have a traditional lock installed on your front door? If yes, you may need to take extra care for placing and handling the keys. In case, you have lost your door key and are not able to access your property, don’t worry, a professional locksmith can get you back inside. You can even try to find the keys yourself by retracing your steps to figure out where you had dropped them. If you are unable to find them, simply opt for new lock installation and few of the other measures discussed below:

  • Rekey Your Lock:If you are sure that you have misplaced the keys in the home itself, instead of losing it anywhere outside, consider rekeying the lock. Get a referral of a trusted lock technician from your neighbor or friend and call him to make a duplicate key for the lock.
  • Choose New Locks:Other than rekeying, you can stay on a safer side by replacing the existing locks with the newer and more durable ones. There are chances that the property manager might be having a duplicate set of keys for the lock. To prevent an unauthorized access, consider installing deadbolts and new locks in the entire property.
  • Upgrade Your Security: Apart from locks, you can follow several other security measures such as installing CCTV’s, keyless security systems, sensor alarms and motion detector lights. Being a responsible homeowner, ensuring the safety of your family, pets and belongings should be your utmost priority. Whether you stay at home all day long or go out on frequent vacations, opt for upgrading your home security to the best possible standards.

So, these were some easy to follow yet effective things you must do if you have recently lost your home keys. If you are planning to upgrade your home security with high security lock installation, call our residential locksmiths at St. Albert 24/7 Locksmith right away.

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