How To Get Your Broken Key Out Of The Lock?That feeling of dreadness and helplessness when your key breaks inside the lock! Yet, people have some amount of optimism and believe that they can at least open the lock. Take a pause and read before you play more with a broken key and lock. There are so many other ways to get into your house and save yourself from the hassle.

The questions that stand are- where are you? What tools do you have? How deeply has the key broken inside the lock? Let us see what can be done to fix this issue.

Discard that key First
When the key is broken inside the lock, using the remaining key does not help you at all. They just make the matter worse and hence do not try this. You will only push the broken part more inside making it difficult to fix it. The farther the key is, the more struggle you have to do.

Quick Preparation
It is good to prepare before fixing this little issue. Get some lubricants handy to apply to the keyhole, a rag or a towel to remove the excess of lube. Also, take needle nose pliers to help get out the broken part.

Materials that can come handy are
It is difficult to keep an inventory of things. However, some daily use things can really come handy. Here are the lists of the things that can be used to get the key out of the lock.

  • Metal Hair Clip
  • Paper Clip
  • Bobby Pin
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Button Pin
  • Safety Pin
  • First Aid Kit

5 ways to get your keys out of the lock
Most people straightway got for tweezers to squeeze the broken piece out of the lock. Sometimes tweezers do not fit the keyhole.

Broken Key Extractor
It is a tool used by professionals to extract the key out of the lock. It takes several attempts to get it out.

Jigsaw Blade
Get a small jigsaw blade or a mini hacksaw blade. Use it with the combination of a broken key extractor.

Super Glue
The intention is to glue the key to a thing like a match to pull it out easily and freely. It works best when the broken key can be reached.

Tap the Cylinder
Point the key towards the ground and tap the cylinder. Strike the back of the lock and the key should be facing the ground.

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