Locksmith-Scam When it comes to the security of your home and family, don’t trust a locksmith blindly, unless you are a loyal customer of him. With so many trained and untrained lock technicians branding their services as the best, making a right choice is a daunting task.
Since the foremost concern of every homeowner is safety and security, it is important to hire a trustworthy and local locksmith to prevent being falling victim to any lock scam. So, before choosing an emergency lock service, make sure you do a complete interrogation of the company and technician.

  • Check for the license: The foremost thing you should do before getting a locksmith inside your home is to check his credentials and license. Without a license, a technician can not undertake lock and key services. If he is unable to show you his license, just don’t hire him.
  • Look for customer reviews:This is a good way to make sure the lock professional you have hired is a qualified one. You can search online for the reviews. If he has got a good response and appreciation from customers, then it is safe to work with him. In case, you read something unacceptable or weird about him, don’t proceed with his service.
  • Ask for his ID card: Almost every reputed locksmith company provides valid ID cards to its staff with all necessary details mentioned. Before letting them start any work, its advised to check the ID card and certification that is provided by the company to make sure he is legitimate.
  • Request an on-site estimate: Most of the locksmith scams result in overcharges just for minor lock repairs. When you call a 24/7 emergency locksmith over the phone, tell him the detailed situation you are in and ask for a quick estimate. This will help you in making the right choice. One the technician has reached your place, ask for an on-site estimate to prevent any later conflicts or scams.

These are some of the easy tips to follow to prevent lock scams. If you are looking for an experienced residential locksmith in St. Albert, feel free to contact St. Albert 24/7 Locksmith.

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